Whale Search – San Diego Zoo Polar Bear

The amazing special forces SEAL teams, known for their mental toughness and endurance, have a base in San Diego on Coronado island and face extreme wet and cold environments during their “hell week” selection training.
As a San Diego local Michael decides if they can put up with a bit of cold water he can too and dives in to frolic with the polar bear in the San Diego Zoo enclosure while Toni and Jonathan enquire as to whether Whaley has been visiting some colder climates recently (other than Minnesota).

Not sure if Michael fully thought through the whole polar bears /seal dynamic before he dove in (hint: diner /dinner) but from the look of it things are going along swimmingly so far…..glug…

WARNING: Unless you are a Navy Seal, or Michael, (though the is verdict still out on Michael since he hasn’t surfaced yet) please DO NOT attempt to replicate this feat.

Whale Search – San Diego Beaches

After failing to find Whaley at La Jolla Cove the BBB team moved the search to the sunny beaches of San Diego.


Continuing the search for Whaley the following morning along the shoreline, the BBB Team was taken somewhat by surprise when a Killer Whale beached itself next to them (an only somewhat surprising event because it is relatively rare to see free swimming Orcas this far south. Please note that this one definitively stated it was not the one from you know where which is not actually there anymore anyway so pretty please no cease and desist letters thank you Sea World).

Most of San Diego already knows that Jonathan tends to exhibit sensitivity to light, hunch over, and make high pitched whiny/mewling noises when trying to deal with hangovers from a previous night’s celebrating (he must be doing awesomely well at something, we are not sure what, because he seems to celebrate a lot), and apparently this had confused this visiting Orca into thinking he was a lost baby Killer Whale. Having already determined at a distance through use of its advanced echolocation abilities that Jonathan’s size, shape and fat content were comparable to a juvenile Orca, the Killer Whale came in for a closer look…only to be disappointed (fortunate perhaps in this case perhaps but unfortunately not an uncommon sequence of events for Jonathan in everyday life encounters with fellow (usually female) mammals).

The BBB team demonstrates their managerial skills and uncanny ability to adapt to freak situations they encounter by taking the initiative and inquiring if the Orca had encountered Whaley on its travels. The answer is a disappointing no. Michael bravely stands behind Toni with his hands on her shoulders ready to pull her out of harms way and (maybe) interpose himself should the Orca make any sudden moves while they both make sure to check the Killer Whales teeth for left over bite size Whaley bits, also (sigh of relief) a no, and Jonathan continues to look lost.

To learn more about Orcas you can go to:


Whale Search – La Jolla Cove

Looking for Whaley in marine sanctuary La Jolla cove (next to Seals Beach), a 15 minute drive north of the Hilton Resort and Spa in San Diego.

The Beach Bash Team proving to be as competent and united as ever in the search for Whaley.

True to historical gullible form, Jonathan and Michael are solidly hooked by conflicting fishy tales from passing female Seals, while (as usual), Toni  is the one keeping the Beach Bashers Boat on track and moving forward  (while trying to keep her face to the sun to get an even tan).

Whaley Search – Emerging Persons of Interest

Whaley Search – Emerging Persons of Interest

Subject:  Whaley – Known to be a very happy (despite being blue) mammal, socially outgoing, drinks a lot (but never to excess), is chatty (in a spouty and whaley song kind of way), likes to travel, makes a big splash in large groups and loves giving rides. 
Last seen frolicking happily in front of the Beach Bash backdrop at the Hilton Resort and Spa on the Saturday night.

Persons of interest:

“Guttermouth” Goosey Rivers
Cruise Director in 2016 (and will be back in 2017), was suspiciously seen riding the Whale with abandon (how surprising) in the Ballroom on the last night of the comp but claims just to be a close friend of Whaley. Says in her defense, quote “**#@^!!!^& I am innocent **&^%!!%**”


“Bad Boy” Brodie Kaster
“Bad Boy” Brodie states he is a fun loving person and that he cannot have been responsible for Whaleys disappearance because he was not at Beach Bash in 2016 (but will be back as a Cruise Director in 2017).

Note: Very suspicious because it is common knowledge that anyone who is any fun at all was at the Beach Bash in 2016!!!

Bruce the shark

Seen loitering suspiciously around the ballroom with a singular lack of discernible intent during the weekend. Was observed swimming erratically through the air and bumping into walls and lights (claims that was due to Ani his handler). When asked, he confirmed that he may have had a drink or two that night but cannot to recall what happened after 10:30pm and so is not responsible for anything that might have occurred subsequently (Note: sounds suspiciously like the well known Jonathan Roberts trip to Las Vegas “midget? what midget?” blackout defense).
Under suspicion because……..he is a shark. (Note to DA: make sure the investigation is not tainted by charges of species profiling).

Beach Bash Whale goes Missing!!!

So Saaaad! BBB organizers deal with the realization that our Whale is missing.























As a gust of wind fortuitously blows sand in Michael’s eyes and Toni wipes away a genuine tear,  Jonathan, (the closest thing we have to a real TV celebrity) shows us what the “substitution” acting method espoused by Uta Hagen is all about by emotionally regurgitating his past “Dancing With The Stars” results (fully committed theatrics totally worthy of an emmy nomination for daytime soap best supporting actor in a minor secondary role), his depiction of pain being helped along by Toni’s surprise karate chop to his left shoulder.

An (undefined as yet) reward has been offered for sightings of the Whale.

Happy New Year!!! Jan 1st, 2017

And they are off!!

Showing how seriously the BBB Team takes having fun while exercising in the Hilton Resort and Spa Special (actually the kids) pool reserved for the exclusive (temporary) use by the Ballroom Beach Bash Swim Club.

Our goal is to graduate to the main pool by 2018..or 2019. No rush really since Jonathan has not even made it into the kiddie pool yet.

Note: Shallower than expected, which made diving in potentially tricky, luckily not an issue thanks to the BBB Swim Team use of  the specialty “belly flop” entry technique (which, although not terribly elegant, results in minimal water surface penetration).

Paddle hard and have fun in 2017!!!


New Years Eve 2016

It’s New Years Eve and at the Hilton Resort and Spa in San Diego and the newly created Ballroom Bach Bash Swim Club members line up for their first meet…

If you are interested in joining this exclusive Club please submit your application to the Beach Bash 2017 Party Suite (it’s basically just Jonathan’s room).


Happy Thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving-blueGoogle Definition of Thanksgiving Turkey


noun: turkey; plural noun: turkeys
  1. 1.
    a large mainly domesticated game bird native to North America, having a bald head and (in the male) red wattles. It is prized as food, especially on festive occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • the flesh of the turkey as food.
  2. 2.
    NORTH AMERICAN informal
    something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful , especially a play or movie or dance comp (luckily not a situation that arises if you have totally awesome partners :).
    • a person who despite limited capabilities and very little raw talent still deserves credit for trying their hardest.
    • Even the real Turkey can spot the real Turkey…..:0

Toni’s Halloween Nightmare

Toni’s Halloween Nightmare

Test your horror IQ.

Which of the following quotes is from Toni’s Halloween nightmare (see picture below) and which are from classic horror movies?

  1. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”
  2. “They’re all gonna laugh at you”
  3. “Groovy!”
  4. “You gotta be f**king kidding me!”
  5. “Oh nooo, take those off immediately. No, no  stop! put something on”
  6. “Well hello Mr fancy pants”

Answers can be found below the frightful image


  1. Jaws 2 (Peter Benchley)- 1978
  2. Carrie (Margaret White) – 1976
  3. Evil Dead 2 (Ash) – 1978
  4. The Thing (Palmer) – 1982
  5. Beach Bash October (Toni Redpath) – 2016
  6. Army of Darkness (Bruce Campbell) – 1992