Ballroom Beach Bash Welcome Letter

Dear Readers of Welcome letters (and we are sure there are a few of you out there),

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome,  that’s one each from Jonathan, Michael and Toni, and more welcomes, along with hugs, are readily available at  the very first 1st Annual San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash competition 2015.

Note: Jonathan has requested you submit a full body length photo for his add on hug option. Toni and Michael do not have that requirement, being warmer, more friendly and affectionate human beings (but not in a needy or clingy way :)).

Party!  Since San Diego is home to all three organizers we basically view this as an opportunity (and a great excuse) for us to host an awesomely fun Thursday through Sunday Bash (party) and invite you to come along and be a part of the festivities.  Feel free to also enter and dance some of the competitions to justify your weekend of partying.

Where  At the Hilton Resort and Spa on Mission Bay in sunny San Diego

When  April 9-11th 2015 (Note: Trash Talk volleyball in the Park is on April 12th the day after the competition, please plan travel accordingly)

Doing What?  Great ballroom dancing competitions, swimming, sunbathing, water sports, having after parties, fine dining by the Bay or s’mores over the fire pits in the evening (or both), Sand Sculpting competitions, Kinkeda Klash competitions, Trash Talk Volleyball in the park on Sunday, and the opportunity to access a load of local San Diego activities.

Competition Past  2015 being the first year of this event you might be under the impression that there is no history as yet, but actually this is a homecoming of sorts.

The Ballroom Beach Bash was born in San Diego as the San Diego Dance Camp and New Year’s Eve Gala in the late 1900s. Organized  by Tim King and Ron Montez with the cooperation of Hideki Ohkawa from Japan (Michael actually remembers competing in International Ballroom at the event so that must have been a looong time ago…).

Then it changed owners, Ron stepped down, Tim was joined by Stephan and Denise Krauel and Nadia Eftedal, and the event was  relocated to San Francisco rebranded as the New years eve Holiday Ball and Dance Camp.

In 2009 it was moved south down the California coast to Woodland Hills in the city of  Los Angeles as the Holiday Ball and Dance Camp and in 2012 relocated to Beverly Hills as the Beverly Hills Holiday Ball and Dance Camp.

Now, after wandering for years in the wilderness (otherwise known as  San Francisco and Los Angeles) it has been reunited with its roots in San Diego as the 2015 San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash. Hurrah!

Competition Future  Have reviewed  the past history we are very excited about the future, which we foresee involves having a great competition and a very fun time with you all in April 2015. Looking forward to seeing you there,

Jonathan, Michael, and Toni


Welcome to the Backside of the Ballroom Beach Bash

In our blog we (the organizers, Jonathan, Michael and Toni) will be posting event updates, important messages, free giveaways and granting you intimate backdoor access to exactly what goes on behind the scenes as we prepare for the upcoming (April 9-11, 23015) Ballroom Beach Bash Dance Competition. We are going to be revealingly upfront, showing all of the (usually Jonathan’s) slip ups as well as the successes (largely Michael and Toni)  on our merry trip to the dance floor. So please sign up and make sure to stay informed (hear all the dirt :))

Toni, Michael and Jonathan

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