Whale Search – San Diego Zoo Polar Bear

The amazing special forces SEAL teams, known for their mental toughness and endurance, have a base in San Diego on Coronado island and face extreme wet and cold environments during their “hell week” selection training.
As a San Diego local Michael decides if they can put up with a bit of cold water he can too and dives in to frolic with the polar bear in the San Diego Zoo enclosure while Toni and Jonathan enquire as to whether Whaley has been visiting some colder climates recently (other than Minnesota).

Not sure if Michael fully thought through the whole polar bears /seal dynamic before he dove in (hint: diner /dinner) but from the look of it things are going along swimmingly so far…..glug…

WARNING: Unless you are a Navy Seal, or Michael, (though the is verdict still out on Michael since he hasn’t surfaced yet) please DO NOT attempt to replicate this feat.