Whale Search – San Diego Beaches

After failing to find Whaley at La Jolla Cove the BBB team moved the search to the sunny beaches of San Diego.


Continuing the search for Whaley the following morning along the shoreline, the BBB Team was taken somewhat by surprise when a Killer Whale beached itself next to them (an only somewhat surprising event because it is relatively rare to see free swimming Orcas this far south. Please note that this one definitively stated it was not the one from you know where which is not actually there anymore anyway so pretty please no cease and desist letters thank you Sea World).

Most of San Diego already knows that Jonathan tends to exhibit sensitivity to light, hunch over, and make high pitched whiny/mewling noises when trying to deal with hangovers from a previous night’s celebrating (he must be doing awesomely well at something, we are not sure what, because he seems to celebrate a lot), and apparently this had confused this visiting Orca into thinking he was a lost baby Killer Whale. Having already determined at a distance through use of its advanced echolocation abilities that Jonathan’s size, shape and fat content were comparable to a juvenile Orca, the Killer Whale came in for a closer look…only to be disappointed (fortunate perhaps in this case perhaps but unfortunately not an uncommon sequence of events for Jonathan in everyday life encounters with fellow (usually female) mammals).

The BBB team demonstrates their managerial skills and uncanny ability to adapt to freak situations they encounter by taking the initiative and inquiring if the Orca had encountered Whaley on its travels. The answer is a disappointing no. Michael bravely stands behind Toni with his hands on her shoulders ready to pull her out of harms way and (maybe) interpose himself should the Orca make any sudden moves while they both make sure to check the Killer Whales teeth for left over bite size Whaley bits, also (sigh of relief) a no, and Jonathan continues to look lost.

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