Toni’s Halloween Nightmare

Toni’s Halloween Nightmare

Test your horror IQ.

Which of the following quotes is from Toni’s Halloween nightmare (see picture below) and which are from classic horror movies?

  1. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”
  2. “They’re all gonna laugh at you”
  3. “Groovy!”
  4. “You gotta be f**king kidding me!”
  5. “Oh nooo, take those off immediately. No, no  stop! put something on”
  6. “Well hello Mr fancy pants”

Answers can be found below the frightful image


  1. Jaws 2 (Peter Benchley)- 1978
  2. Carrie (Margaret White) – 1976
  3. Evil Dead 2 (Ash) – 1978
  4. The Thing (Palmer) – 1982
  5. Beach Bash October (Toni Redpath) – 2016
  6. Army of Darkness (Bruce Campbell) – 1992