Happy 4th of July!!! – BBB Public Safety Announcement

BBB 4th of July Public Safety Announcement – Fireworks can be hazardous!

All fireworks  should be used with extreme caution, only where legal, and only by adults . Even hand held sparklers can be hazardous to a child with a mental capacity of less than 5 years old.

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Case in point. Photo: Celebrating the 4th of July, Michael and Toni generously supply Jonathan with sparklers.

Minor smoke inhalation being the only negative consequence for Jonathan (note: his face was already grubby from “celebrating the 4th” the night before and the bar has been set so low on self respect that there was no loss there), the clause in the BBB articles of incorporation Michael had researched earlier on in the day regarding surviving organizers inheriting the competition was not required to be invoked.