2016 BBB Competition Big Hug

A big hug from the BBB Team to all of you who (like hugs and) attended the second (2016) Ballroom Beach Bash. It was an awesome experience for us, thanks both to our excellent team and to you the dancers and your willingness to let loose and enjoy yourselves, it created a whole new definition of what having a fun time at a competition means!

If you are one of the unfortunate dusty grey shadow people not attending BBB in 2016, you also get a big hug, but for a different reason because we genuinely feel bad for you. As lost as you must feel, please don’t despair. You still have an opportunity to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and drastically turn your life around for the better….. simply by joining us in San Diego April 2017!!! Hurrah!!

DVida Triangle Rumba © a first at the Ballroom Beach Bash!!!

Breaking News !!! from the 2016 Ballroom Beach Bash and DVida.

The Rhythm dance world gets a brand new lift with the of the introduction of DVida’s new and dynamic Triangle Rumba © at the Ballroom Beach Bash.

Development of the Triangle Rumba ©

The American Rumba, using the Chain Studios branded timings QQS & SQQ, was originally designed as a user friendly product using the relatively simple and flat box step so as to be easy to teach beginner dancers.

After extensive research into the true Cuban origins of the dance DVida is proud to bring the American Rumba into the 21st century with the Triangle Rumba © utilizing the dances original QSQ timing and the dynamic Diamond Triangle ©.

See Triangle Rumba Video hereTBR

The new old timing was actually decided upon nearly a year ago (before the recent diplomatic thaw in relations between the US and Cuba) in a meeting with famous cuban dancers and musicians Ernesto and Zamira Rodriguez who Wayne had surreptitiously shipped over from Cuba to Miami in a dinghy .

Go to DVida.com and see Rhythm finalists Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova demonstrate the exciting new Triangle Rumba © with its historically accurate QSQ timing. For a limited time, you can also download the syllabus for free from the DVida app.

NewsFlash: $6000 Prize Professional Triangle Rumba© competition!!!

Ballroom Beach Bash is excited to announce Mr Wayne Eng and Dvida are proudly sponsoring a $6,000 winner takes all Professional Triangle Rumba© competition.

The Ballroom Beach Bash is the first competition to embrace this new traditional timing and step pattern and will require all American Rumbas danced at the Beach Bash follow this new unifying syllabus.

Don’t be left in the past, dance Rumba dynamically to a whole new beat with DVida at the Ballroom Beach Bash.