Easter 2016

Who knew that bunnies liked infinity edge pools by the ocean?



…and that body hair traps tiny bubbles helping to add buoyancy when floating…(Jonathan)  🙂

Happy Easter!!!

2016 BBB Comp changes – BBB follows WDSF lead – institutes Dress Code for Judges

A letter sent out from the USA Dance DanceSport Council (dated June 22nd 2015) reads….

“This means that according to the new WDSF [World DanceSport Federation] Rules, a WDSF Adjudicator is required to wear a black suit with white shirt or dress, and WDSF tie or scarf at every sanctioned competition.”

Having run out of original ideas, and seeing a profitable opportunity, the BBB Organizers have decided to adopt the same progressive principles of the highest standards of uniformity for all Judging attire outlined in the new WDSF Adjudicator dress code, at the Ballroom Beach Bash (see new BBB Judges letter below).

Dear Ballroom Beach Bash Judges,

New BBB dress code for all BBB competition(s).

Friday Beach Formal 

 According to the new BBB Rules on the Friday Beach Formal night a BBB Judge is now not permitted to wear only a black suit and white shirt or dress with tie or scarf and must adhere to the following 7 guideline standards:

1)  No more than 50% of the torso (that is covered by clothing) may consist of Formal Wear. The other half must be clothed in attire somewhat loosely connected to a Beach theme.

2) Shoes are optional, Flip Flops, sandals, swim booties or even naked feet (if you are into that kind of thing), but all exposed feet must have been recently washed and owner must sign the BBB “hole in my foot from descending high heels” liability waiver.

3) Ties/ bowties are good if brightly colored/beach themed and worn without a shirt. Note: Not to worry, you will be still served a drink at the comp bar if not wearing shoes or a shirt but not, as per NDCA official recommendations, until after you have finished judging for the night. (See Paul Holmes for further details).

4) Excessive body hair on display is acceptable as long as it is tastefully trimmed (try Googling How to Groom a Crufts champion, or see Jonathan for tips).

5) Sunglasses and Swim goggles are fine, but may not be tinted (excessively) and older judges please make sure to insert prescription lenses if needed to see the competitors numbers.

6) Dry suits are the norm, however wet suits can be worn to judge, but only during the Latin night when the Latin dancers are pouring water onto the carpets anyway and won’t notice any additional moisture leaking onto the dance floor.

7) Borat swimsuits and thongs are not recommended for male judges, (it’s cold in the ballroom) but are fine for female judges. Speedos are okay if the Male judge is European and doesn’t know any better.

See  photo montage from BBB 2015 event below for further Friday Beach Formal attire guidance.




























Saturday Formal Formal 

 This also means that on the Saturday Formal Formal night (as opposed to the Friday Beach Formal night) according to the new BBB Rules, a BBB Judge is now required  to wear a black (or other dark or light colored) suit and a white (or suitably color coordinated) shirt or dress and, of course, the (outrageously expensive) accompanying official BBB logo tie, tie-pin, scarf or brooch.

Judges should keep these clarifications in mind when contemplating their dress packing requirements.

BBB Organizers 


Closely following the WDSF guidelines we will be rigorously enforcing the WDSF black suit with white shirt or dress” rule, thereby BBB-BF-12-tnjoining the WDSF in progressively accommodating those judges who are of the transgender and cross dressing persuasion. We are delighted to report that at the forward thinking BBB we have already engaged judges leaning in that direction, see attached Gary Edwards photo, (he is the tall one on the right with the hairy legs).

Clarifying Note:

Confusingly for the style challenged WDSF adjudicators, the issue of underwear, socks and shoes or tights is not addressed in the new rules. Without sufficient guidance it is entirely possible that these adjudicators might assume these clothing items are optional. At the BBB Saturday Formal Formal night we will be requiring their adoption by our judges and will supply a helpful cartoon chart with text in a large, easy to read font, displaying the different items of attire and the appropriate matching body part they should cover. Considering the importance of this visual aid (and notwithstanding the NDCA non-cooperation with an alien body rule) this chart will be made available to WDSF adjudicators upon request.

Final Note: Pricing complaint addressed: 

Following complaints about the high prices of the BBB logo ties, tie-pins, scarves and brooches, the BBB Organizers would like to point out that

  • firstly that they themselves have covered the entire up front costs of producing the items ,
  • and secondly, not to embarrass complainers publicly, but perhaps they were not aware that the Organizers are seriously considering the very strong likelihood that a sizable percentage of the (net operating) income will be set aside as a donation (less management fees) to a worthy charity, yet to be named, benefiting small children/or animals/or retired Smooth Champions, at a future date, possibly.

Paddy’s Day 2016

Pattys day Final

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the beach this year we learned that while a strong man can survive for 3 days without water, a mongo sap mingin’ little molly slapper (Irish speak) can only last for 3 seconds without a sip of his Green Dragon before whining like a trapped leprechaun! Great fun!

Past Championship professionalism experience shows in 2016 BBB Organizers Meeting

Meeting time for the Beach Bash Organizers.
The Beach Bash organizers decide to approach the first Official 2016 Beach Bash Organizers Meeting in the same way a professional dance Champion rehearses for a competition, by recreating an environment that mirrors as closely as possible the actual event without actually being there. So for the meeting, going above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence, they flew to Hawaii.

As nice as the beach at Honolulu is, duplicating the relaxed and fun atmosphere of the Beach Bash for the meeting was not an easy task.

Co organizer Jonathan Roberts reported “I honestly think we did a good job of channeling the Beach Bash experience without actually being in San Diego. The bar was set high because we had to replicate what we have in the ballroom at the Beach Bash, the wonderful lounger chairs, free masseuse, drinks and food at the hardest working competitors cabana. Doing the best we could in Hawaii we rented a cabana bought some snacks and refreshing fruit drinks.

pre meeting
The meeting was very successful, I believe we came up with some great ideas. I personally fully invested in the atmosphere of the meeting to the point of not remembering too much by the end…after meeting…but I am sure one of the other two took notes that we will go over at some stage. As I said, very happy with how the meeting went…I am liking the idea of Fiji for the next one….and really looking forward to next the Beach Bash in April.”