No Room? No worries! We have you covered at the Beach Bash…

Don’t worry if you were not able to book a room before the hotel sold out, at the Ballroom Beach Bash we have you covered from head to toe (..that is if you choose the recommended deluxe full body size tent…the economy Standard model tent gives you the choice of covering either top or bottom, see photo below, note: the Latin model tent covers even less).

Rooming Alternatives

In the Beach Bash Tent ‘Close to Nature’ Park we are extremely proud of our zero carbon footprint facility (no electrical connections) and reasonable (for San Diego) rates. Go Green and rent our amazing tent houses to get:

  • An amazing bay front location in the Park,
  • Experience stunning 360 degree panoramic views and get a tan in our (technically the city’s) open air shower facilities,
  • Weekly cleaned restrooms are just a short jog away (and there is easy access to the jogging path if you did not get enough exercise jogging to the loo),
  • Unlimited fresh air is included (fresh when blowing West to East from ocean as opposed to slightly stinky when blowing East to West from local 5 fwy freeway)
  • Exciting close encounters with local wildlife (mainly squirrels and seagulls…occasionally a dog being walked) plus
  • Convenience (second only to actually having a room at the Hilton),the Hilton hotel  is less than a one minute walk away.

Note: If you need help actually erecting the tent there is a small additional charge…and you will have to check out early enough and pull the tent on the Sunday so we can put up the Trash Talk volleyball nets.

Or you can cave, abandon nature for the concrete jungle, and you can book a room at any one of the 9 hotels just minutes way from the Hilton comp venue that are listed on the web site at the Event Info/ Hotel info page.

The Evolution of the Dance Frame

Presented without comment 🙂

Evolution of The Dance Frame(And please, no hooting emails or dung throwing just because Jonathan was typecast as being closer to the origin of the species).

Jonathan Roberts Backside Bashed unfairly?

Jonathan Roberts Backside Bashed unfairly?

The recent article in the online blog titled San Diego Attractions – 01 – detailing BBB co-organizer Jonathan Robert’s remarkable assimilation into the San Diego zoo resident lowland gorilla tribe and the accompanying scientific study of same, has resulted in questions being raised as to the fairness and level of objectivity of BeachBashBackside’s portrayal of Mr Roberts.

Emails were recently received at the BBB head office in San Diego asserting that the previously well respected blog has now developed a, quote, “history of consistently and unfairly showing Jonathan in a less than flattering light”, stating that he “may suffer mentally as a result of reading such” and calling for BBB to “stop monkeying around with his reputation.”

The missives were unsigned, the senders describing themselves merely as Jonathan‘s two biggest (and from what we can tell, only) fans, however the return email addresses have raised suspicions as to their possible origins ( and

When asked to comment, BBB co-organizer and spokesman Michael Mead stated, “Jonathan is an integral and well respected member of the BBB family. We have the highest regard for his particular level of capability, his many diverse and unusual talents, his single-minded dedication and willingness to tackle any dare no matter how questionable or unwise, and for the sake of the company we would never portray him in anything other than the best light possible under the circumstances”.

Mead continued, “That being said, Jonathan is a big boy (although that could just be a rumor) and is more than capable of taking care of himself  as he has demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past when unable to find anyone else to go for a drink with him (see photo below).

JRob legs

Regarding the mental distress issue, I can personally attest that Jonathan has in fact not felt victimized by the articles because he has told me in person, directly at me, and to my face, that he has never actually read the blog (something to do with small font size and long words). I hope this statement puts these baseless allegations to bed and we can now move forward as a unified and tightly knit team with preparations for the best Ballroom Beach Bash since the epic 2015 event.”

San Diego Attractions – 02 – BBB San Diego Zoo Safari Park Outing

Ballroom Beach Bash San Diego Zoo Safari Park Outing

SD-Zoo-2The recent BBB outing to the San Diego Wild Animal Park gives the BBB Organizers the chance to see a variety of wild animals in a more open environment (that is nicer for the animals), and provides the opportunity to reconnect with their ape relatives (having diverged from a mutual ancestor about 7 million years ago).

Here the BBB Organizers have photos taken with their closest ape counterparts.

Michael gets pointers from a Bonobo  on how to improve the Web site (apparently replacing palm trees with banana trees will help).

Bonobo final

Bonobos are especially known for their ability to get along: unlike humans or chimpanzees, they have never been observed killing one of their own kind (have obviously never been a Studio owner dealing with staff). These clever apes are fun to watch. They are still the least understood of the great apes.

Toni discusses Victoria’s Secret’s latest uplift offerings with an Orangutan


The only great ape found in Asia (closest Apes to Australia) and the largest fruit-eating animals on Earth. They are highly intelligent and have colorful personalities (just like Toni:). Live Orangutan Cam link

Jonathan cavorts with a Silverback in the western lowland Gorilla Enclosure (not recommended)


When we arrive at the Gorilla’s enclosure Jonathan, to our surprise, hoots and grunts a couple of times and then swings one handed over the glass barrier to join them. The Gorilla’s immediate and remarkable acceptance of him into the troop prompts closer scientific scrutiny.

For further clarification, Jonathan’s DNA (lifted from a wine glass) has been submitted for sequencing and we will be publicly posting all familial matches unearthed (after first informing any newly discovered western lowland relatives).

Startling Similarities – Jonathan and Gorilla (Gorilla data Source: Gorilla – Wikipedia).

 Trait          Gorilla Jonathan
Schedule “day is synchronized, divided between rest periods and travel or feeding periods.” He does travel to coach, sleeps and eats…a lot
Weight “between 135 to 180 kg (298 to 397 lb)” Yes, when he tells you he weighs 155 😉 that is kg, not lb.
Feedback “Deep, rumbling belches suggest contentment and are heard frequently during feeding and resting periods.” Yes, unfortunately.
Mobility “their movements range around 500 m (0.31 mi) or less on an average day.” Spends a lot of time standing stationary on lessons whilst gazing thoughtfully at the floor with chin cupped in hand…choreographing (or napping? digesting?).
Male interaction “Males in all-male groups, though, tend to have friendly interactions and socialize through play, grooming, and staying together,” He is known to be a happy and gregarious person, and often plays online Clan (troop?) games with male friends. Have not witnessed him grooming other males in public as yet.
Hairiness “hair on their backs reaching to the hips”. Yes indeed, and it is rumored on his front as well, but apparently the braiding makes it appear shorter.
Tools “All of the great apes are now known to use tools,” A perfect match, he is constantly on his cell phone.
Drinking “Rarely drink water,””fruit makes up a very small part of their diets.” A partial match. Very true re water, although strange re fruit because Jonathan’s favorite drink is reportedly Strawberry Margarita and he is also quite fond of (old) grape juice.
Intelligence “Gorillas are considered highly intelligent.” Nope, not even close on this one.