San Diego Attractions – 01 – Sea World

Sea World is literally only 3 minutes away from the Beach Bash Hilton Hotel so the BBB organizers decided to pop on over for a visit.

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Wandering around looking at the gorgeous sea creatures and eating ice cream they were especially delighted by the athleticism and beautiful lines of the Dolphins tail walking. However they notice that the dolphins height out of the water, spacing and synchronization could have been better.

Dolphins Tail Walking

















Actions speak louder than words so they decide to give it a try.

MTJ Tail Walking


















Michael Mead co-organizer commented “In the resulting photo you can see our timing, height and spacing is good and we definitely have less splashing than the Dolphins.  Diving in deeper technically, observe Jonathan has his weight balanced forwards nicely, however his head is turned a little too far to the right for a reverse wave and he has arched his back excessively (in my opinion) thus opening up his ribs. Being objective I have to say I have dropped my skull back off the top of my spine so it looks a little strained and back weighted, and we all have our eyes closed. Toni was judged to have done the best in our team with good overall form and a smile that was as bright as the Dolphins, so she got to take home our group’s (slightly stinky) bucket of sardines reward.”

New Years Day 2016

With wet T shirts clinging to chiseled bodies already exhibiting the rewards of their strenuous New Years Eve work out, the BBB Organizers contemplate a healthy and sunshine filled 2016 for everyone!!!

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Day Final 1