New Years Eve 2015

Deciding to set an example in goal setting and achievement for young Pro dancers and judges on New Years Eve, the BBB co organizers pledge on New Years Eve that 2016 is going to be a year of change …specifically as regards finely tuning the already taut and terrific physiques they have maintained since their competitive days.

Resolution made

Exhibiting fine form they set off from the Hilton Resort and Spa gym for a brisk 10k run.

Out for the run

10 yards later by the tennis courts they realize it is foolish to start a run without warming up so they stop to st…retch.

After Run

And decide high intensity is the way to go on the first session….so they call it a day.

Happy Beach Bash Holidays

Winter Holidays at the Beach in San Diego

Xmas Final 1

Jonathan and Toni having fun frolicking in the waves as on a more serious note Michael pulls himself out of the surf after completing in record time (for him) a 2 mile (distance estimated, based on brief but high level of exertion) ocean swim in preparation for the 2016 Beach Bash Blue Twisted Steel Man competition

Happy Holidays and see you in April at the Bash!!