3 Sheets to the Wind, or Happy Halloween From the Ballroom Beach Bash

Mahatma GandhiA man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.” 

Profound words (that the Ballroom Beach Bash organizers all live by) from the master, but meaningless if not manifested into action.

So as Halloween comes around in San Diego, the Ballroom Beach Bash organizers see an opportunity to teach the rest of humanity (and India) how one can actually incorporate Gandhi’s teaching of what you think, you can become into one’s everyday life .

BBB co organizer representative Michael Mead explains “We decided to take the Gandhi saying a supernatural step further for Halloween by focusing (some more able to focus than others) our inner mental forces and using them to manifest external ghostliness, thus becoming invisible to the mortals around us…..and it worked!

Not only did the people at the beach act like we weren’t even there, (there was absolutely no eye contact made, see surfer looking away, supine lady shielding her gaze from us with her arm), but we seem to be projecting an invisible protective aura because, eerily, people walking in our direction changed path when they came closer and ended up drifting in a wide berth around us!”

Mead continued, “The exercise was however not without its challenges. Quite apart from the mental strain, it was hot and hard to figure out where we were when walking under the plasma invisibility cloaking devices (Editors note – bed sheets).

Surprisingly, later on I saw our images were actually visible in a beach photo…which was also when I noticed one of us had flopped into a reclined position (under his sheet faced up). No prizes for guessing who (or why) that was.

With the success of this exercise under our belt we are now exploring the possibility of attending the 2016 Ballroom Beach Bash (April 6-10th) via astral plane projection (which would be way more efficient since we could appear in multiple places at the same time using different time dimensions, and we would save on gas travelling to the hotel). We would however prefer you attend in person”