2015 Ballroom Beach Bash a Huge Success.

Spotting the Ballroom Beach Bash organizers pulling up to the Mission Bay Kayak rental jetty, just back from their extended La Jolla Cove luxury paddling vacation (taken after the 2015 Ballroom Beach Bash), our intrepid BeachBashBackside reporter took the opportunity to quiz co organizer Michael Mead on how he felt the 2015 event went.

“It was a great success.” Mead stated (whilst helping Jonathan Roberts remove his floaties), “All of the organizers had a wonderful time at the event and were completely exhausted by the time Sunday’s Trash Talk Volleyball ended.” He added, “Really the only major negative was that the food at the Saturday Night After Party was so awesome that by the time I got there (admittedly rather more than fashionably late) it had all been scarfed down. That is totally unacceptable and I have made a note that someone will definitely have to do something about that for next year.”Screenshot_2015-04-14-21-12-46-1

Competition Results


Asked about competition results Mead reported “Jonathan Robert’s Blue team won the Volleyball tournament… although that is purely preliminary since we are still awaiting the drug test results and video analysis of possible/likely cheating.”

Volleyball pic

Kinkeda Combat Klash

“After impressively surviving the Friday night Kinkeda Klash preliminary rounds at the bar after rounds at the bar, JT Thomas (as the top female competitor) faced off on Saturday in the ballroom against her ex-dance partner Marcus Johnson (the top male competitor) in what can only be called a grudge match. The final was a close one (not really) with JT getting the KO in three grueling and tension filled rounds. After the bout Johnson, complaining “She’s in my head!”, was rushed to the  hospital for a (psych) evaluation.” JT is now the reigning Galactic Yearly Undisputed Unisex Kinkeda Open Combat Klash Association (GYUUKOCKA) Champion! All bow before her!

kinkedakinkeda 2








Sand Sculpture Competition

“The Thursday Day Sand Sculpture competition was won by Raquel Urquizu from Fox Dance Studio with an awesome depiction of “Foxy”, and the Friday Day competition by Selena Reif with a slightly confused looking but very colorful and eclectic “Sand Diego”.

sand sculpture

Sand Diego







And the Ballroom Dancing?

“The dancing was great, several participants said having the judges in more casual wear in the day sessions and the Beach Formal on Friday night reduced the intimidation factor and resulted in some of their best dancing ever. Dance results are viewable on the BallroomBeachBash.com Web site.” Photos below by StephenMarino.com

dancing 2 Dancing 1 dancing 3 dancing 4 dancing5 dancing 6 dancing7 dancing 8 dancing 9 dancing 10 dancing 11 dancing12 dancing13 dancing14 dancing15






























What’s next?

Asked what was next for the Beach Bash Team, Mead responded “Not to go totally overboard, but in the light of how much success we had at the Beach Bash we are seriously looking into having an IPA [sic] and getting the company listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in China.” [Editors note: An IPA is a hoppy beer, an IPO is an Initial Public Offering].

Asked why the Shanghai exchange and not the Nasdaq Mead responded. “It’s part of our international global reach expansion plan. We feel the Shanghai exchange is even more strongly supported by the Chinese government than the US stock market is by ours (but not by much) and has even less restrictive reporting requirements, so we could potentially fast track the process.” (Note: Since this interview was recorded the Chinese stock market has crashed spectacularly).

And your plans going forward in the USA?

“As seasoned organizers now we are looking for opportunities to give back to the dance industry that has been so good to us.” Mead affirmed “After our unprecedented success, one avenue we are exploring is a consultancy company designed to help other organizers promote their events. It will be named “The BallroomBeachBash.com Consultancy Group” and our provisional “working model” slogan is “We will Bash Up your Competition for Cash”…although we have yet to test the slogan’s effectiveness with focus groups we feel it has impact and will be a big hit.”

Stay tuned to the BBB blog. In the run up to the Ballroom Beach Bash on April 6-9th 2016 (Trash Talk Volleyball on Sunday the 10th) we will be highlighting some of the fun San Diego area attractions, review behind the scenes lessons we have learned as first time but awesome organizers, and present a comprehensive analysis of what Jonathan can do better next year. (see unfortunate? Pro party suite situation in future blog).