Happy Independence Day!

The year is 1776, the date July 4th, and the revolting colonials declare independence from Michael and Toni’s British ancestors who have spent years selflessly trying to bring some refinement and sophistication to the New World (to be absolutely accurate that would be Michael’s English ancestors. Toni’s bloodlines are unfortunately pure Scottish in origin…note: Just 11 years later, in 1787, the English First Fleet sets sail carrying the sheep stealing Redpath family (alleged sheep stealers according to Toni) to establish the first penal colony in Australia.)

All that fuss over the imposition of a few taxes (much less than today’s rates) and the very reasonable request for unquestioning obedience.

Fast forward to 2015.

In the spirit of reconciliation the BBB organizers rally together behind the US flag.


In the photo:

Since Michael and Toni both have dual nationality, Michael USA/GB and Toni USA/Aussie, they diplomatically fly small GB and Aussie cocktail toothpick flags (from the previous night’s cheese platter) as well as larger US flags.

Jonathan, the only pure bred American of the three BBB organizers,(Michael’s note: see definition of “mutt” in Oxford English dictionary) is apparently still exhibiting signs of 1776 sensitivity and executes a surprisingly well coordinated and accurate crossed arms, up yours, “no look”  hand/flag stick maneuver.

A definite improvement in body control from his competitive dancing days but clearly showing there is still room for development in both posture and arm styling.

Happy Independence Day!