BBB Entries reduced to 4 or 5,000+ (for the good of the Competitors)

An important statement was issued this afternoon by Michael Mead, co-organizer of the Ballroom Beach Bash. “After intensive meetings, the BBB organizing Team has decided, in the interests of better serving our existing registrants, to reduce the number of competitors at our competition down from a potential 18,000 to a more manageable 4 or 5,000.”

Legal Notice: On the advise of our attorneys and while disavowing any wrongdoing on the part of  the Ballroom Beach Bash or our employee Cyberpunkpicker.darknet, we would like to publicly apologise in really small print to Wayne Eng (sorry) and the Emerald Ball for any misunderstanding. We now acknowledge that stumbling totally inadvertently upon an open door (or backdoor) online does not in and of itself constitute an invitation to go in and take stuff. Mr Eng has agreed that in exchange for returning the 14,000 mailing addresses and some advice from Cyberpunkpicker.darknet on how to close his backdoor, we can still be BFFs.

Photo: Mr Wayne Eng proudly shows off his Ballroom Beach Bash Kinkeda Clash double thumbs up pose (seated version).


(photo copyright Wayne Eng)

BBB (potential) entries rocket through the 18,000 mark!!

“18,000 entries would be huge for us, especially in our first year” said Michael Mead, one of the organizers of the Ballroom Beach Bash. “and unexpected. We were looking for around 4-5,000 so the extra 14,000 over a three day event means we will need to look after our judges and add at least another 20% on top of the 12 judges we have already contracted for (editors note: that would equal 14.4 judges). Fortunately that won’t add much additional cost.”

Mead continued “I would like to take the opportunity to let the competitors know they are our first priority, and we want them all to have a great experience, so although heats will basically be running around the clock we will have an extra water station in the ballroom (empty bottles will be available for emergencies), and they will still be able to look great in the photos (by Stephen Marino Photography) because Hairdressing and Makeup vendors, Boyko & Co (917-300-8084), Hair & Makeup by Kalina (602-481-1903), and The Winning Look (949-939-1921), have agreed to stay open 24 hours.

When asked what he credited for the unexpected potential increase Mead revealed “I think we have to thank Wayne Eng at the Emerald Ball, April 28th – May 1st, who, according to our very reasonably priced online research company Cyberpunkpicker.darknet, generously provided unfettered computer access to his mailing lists.”

Photo of benefactor Wayne Eng (a fitness enthusiast) stretching at his work desk.

IMG_2782  (photo copyright Cyberpunkpicker.darknet)