Happy St Patty’s Day


Despite it being St Patty’s day we leave no Blarney stone unturned and continue our unrelenting efforts to ensure you all have a great time at our comp by researching the bar facilities at the Hilton Resort and Spa. As you can see from the photo above we believe in rigorously testing everything, and that includes going the extra mile for those of our customers who tend to doze off after a couple or three…dozen drinks. Happy to report both the vibration protection (or isolation) and cushioning of the bar surface are well above average for industry norms 🙂 Job well done guys, and another vital bit of research ticked off the list before the Ballroom Beach Bash arrives on 9-11th April.

By the way their Kale juice is surprisingly delicious! and healthy (I like mine with a skewered organic Roma plum tomato).

Beach Formal Wear Spring Collection 2015

Friday night at the Ballroom Beach Bash is Beach Formal night and so we take a look at the latest offerings from the Maison de BaBeBa.

Discover the 2015 Collection

For the 2015 Spring-Summer BaBeBa Haute Couture collection, Toeknee Rougepath, Artistic Director of BBB, draws her inspiration from a mélange of visual, artistic and literary inputs and created this collection by looking through the prism of the romance of a near past, when pirates roamed Mission bay and high society swirled in glamorous Ballrooms, and fusing it with mind-expanding ideas of a future beach, full of possibilities for society, pop culture and fashion.



For The Woman who is not Afraid to express herself, a flowing dress straight out of fair Port Royal, in luminous shades of white and light and dark bluish colors, offset beautifully with a complimentary pair of aqua blue goggles… one of the collection’s undisputed highlights.


The Body is barely skimmed by this tropical islander themed shirt which will surely be another favorite amongst slim fit Men…(the above outfits come with matching His and Hers Goggles, Bow tie and Tiara).



 Who Is That! Intrigue and Unexpected Sensuality


Sophisticated, Rich-looking, and Grown-up.


The Essence of  Innocence is striking in its simplicity (the Molten yellow dress was colored using the butter that would not melt in her mouth).


 The Chieftain attire, for the Man who has seen and experienced it all and is still standing tall, but listing slightly to the right.

BFMM3BTwisted Blue Steel Robot tough on the outside …but the pulsing vibrant heat of the orange and yellow accoutrement(s) serve as a Watch Out! notice of the pent up passions of this Modern Metro (Beach) Man.

BFTR3BEnergetic and Dynamic with a sandy beach Front Bodice and culottes and the confusing but deliberately not matching gloves (representing the Ocean).

Industry Quotes:

“The Beach Formal pieces were far from humble, but their elegant craftiness pointed to a beautiful sentiment, and we commend her for expressing herself so earnestly.” Jacquie Collardeaux HCD Magazine

“Huh?” Vogue Paris

Sand Sculpture Competition

Sand Sculpture Competition

Sand boxes are available during the day competition sessions 1 on Thursday and session 3 on Friday for anyone in the Ballroom. Pull one over and create your Sand Sculpture (G rated only please….or NC17/MA if tastefully done, relevant to the plot, etc, etc), results to be announced during the Thursday and Friday evening sessions.

Reflecting their personalities and demonstrating that there are varying levels of capability in the BBB Management Team, the Organizers show off their beach creations below (yours will be in a slightly smaller sand tray).



Do I need to have sculpted before?

Prior experience not necessary (how hard can it be, it’s  just playing around with sand, right?).

Note: the sand is non toxic, will not leave a residue on your hands, and is costume safe (but can be scritchy in undergarments).

How to I enter?

Trays with sand and sculpting tools are freely available on every table in the ballroom, just pull one over and start creating. (Note: You might want to confirm before you start sculpting away that the seemingly random blobs of sand in the tray you just pulled over are just that, and not someone else’s unfinished masterpiece)If you can’t find an open tray, no worries,  just ask Jonathan and he will get you one.

Is there an entry fee?

Nope, but in creating a sand sculpture you are granting Ballroom Beach Bash LLC the implied right to use an image of your unique and fantastic creation for marketing purposes and to broadcast to the World what a brilliant artiste you are, (or are not), and maybe sell it online for a million bucks.


Prizes to be announced (but they will be sandstancial).

Any other reason I should show up?

You have been sculpting away at your masterpiece (your dance teacher and friends watching admiringly) and sculpting all that sand has made your hands a bit tired…. but you notice your feet feel fine. You are already in the Ballroom, and the floor is right there, so on your sculpting break why not take advantage of the great music and dance some entries!!  Brilliant idea!!!

Or… you can use the sandbox as a therapy tool.

According to the CG Jung Institute of Los Angeles (yes, its a California thing) “Sandplay is hands on psychological work. It is a powerful therapeutic technique that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing. In a “free and protected” space provided by the analyst, a client creates a concrete manifestation of his or her imaginal world using sand, water, and miniature objects. In this way Sandplay helps honor and illuminate the client’s internal symbolic world and provides a place for its expression within a safe container, the tray filled with sand.”

A nice juxtaposition with the much less insulated and decidedly more exposed dance floor container where you had better be happy to effectively express your internal self externally or they are not going to mark you back to the final 🙂

(Note: If you use the sandbox for therapy purposes we will be asking you how you feel about it when we collect it, and then charging you the Psychological Associations recommended Therapy Assessment fee of $180).

Competition Organizing 103 – Team Communication

Competition Organizing 103 – Effective Managerial Team Communication Styles.

The American Management Association talks about four communication styles in particular: the Thinkerthe Doer, the Listener, and the Creator. Fortunately we excel in them all.

The Thinker

Its important to think about the aspirational and ego needs of others and not just about yourself. When stress levels rise and team members are feeling overworked and underappreciated, sometimes getting the recognition that they are an integral and valued member of the Team can make all the difference.(Tip: When passing a subordinate worker, just a simple nod of the head in their direction and a “Yo” works wonders and can make all the difference to them when you forget their name.)

The Doer

Sometimes the biggest difference between a “job well done” and a “not well done job” is not so much the task to be surmounted, but the people you work with. To function effectively as a Team you have to have the same Work Ethic, Commitment and Goals.

Below: Members of The BBB Team showing their common work ethic and full commitment in researching Hilton amenities CL’s (comfort levels).

Yo! Awesome job guys!

Sleep-by-the-pool web


The Listener

Effective Team communication is key to the smooth running of any successful new business launch. You become a preeminent communicator not by pushing your opinions on others (even if they are better), but by being prepared to subordinate your ideas and instead to listen to others (blah,blah,blah) expressing theirs.


At the meeting, a lively discussion begins, Michael and Jonathan drink in Toni’s intoxicating and refreshing ideas.Toni-talk-sleep-web

Here, in a superb example of practicing what the AMA (American Management Association) preaches, Michael and Jonathan in Listening Mode angle their heads and close their eyes in order to focus on hearing Toni better.

The Creator

You have to have the ability to think creatively outside the box in order to see all the cost mitigating opportunities available. Sometimes subordinate Team members will accept lower (or no) pay, or even volunteer for free if the reasons are explained to them in a compelling manner. There will be a dire need on occasion to communicate effectively to earn employee respect–and compliance.

Note: Pitch to employees when they arrive,  you get a great party, awesome fun, and plenty of time off for recovery… (after cleanup)… so show a little gratitude and pass on picking up that paycheck…or you might end up hung (up),

Toni Backflip Dismount

as Toni is demonstrating (trying to do a back flip dismount? Obviously her timing is off but congrats on really nicely pointed feet…you have to respect her effort…right?. Thank goodness Jonathan and Michael were there to provide rock solid support).

Competition Organizing 102 – Research Hotel – Cross Training Options

Competition Organizing 102 – Research Hotel – Cross Training Options

Warm Up Stretching



BBB Stretching station on the Pier.

(Actually Toni just stubbed her right toe and fell down, Michael, who has seen before how she tends to react somewhat violently and apportion blame to those closest to her in these situations, is trying to escape the immediate vicinity,  Jonathan, not being quite as nimble, is attempting to placate Toni by simulating sympathy pains.)

Training Equipment


This Ballroom Beach Buggy training device has it all, an exercise in Speed, Lead /Follow, Initiation/ Reaction, Connection, Release, followed by falling off (Toni). 

This Ballroom Balance Water device works for Focus, Balance, Emotional Content and Expressiveness, and Arm Styling.

Great news, for both Professionals and Amateurs the hiring of both these pieces of equipment is tax deductible when used for dance training purposes!! (consult your own tax preparer for clarification on this deduction, or I can give you the phone number of my HSBC consultant ;).

Hilton-JettyAnd in our opinion the most important aspect of an elite athletes training…recovery. Time to rest and heal (see Jonathan).

Easter at the Ballroom Beach Bash

Ballroom Beach Bash and Easter at the Hilton Resort and Spa in San Diego .

In casual attire the organizers of the Ballroom Beach Bash hop by the hotel pool to take in the sun (and pose a bit) and then take time for quick game of spot the rabbit in the bushes.pool1_1find-the-bunny









finishing off the day with refreshments at the juice bar.





(Is it just me or does the tail on the rabbit to the right appear to be  somewhat perkier than the one on the left? :).