New Years Day Photo



So, here is the back(side) story of this pic.

Late New Year’s evening, and the three of us are sitting on Mission Bay beach by the palm trees (sand still warm from the sun) watching the Sea World fireworks lighting up the starlit night sky with cascades of color when Toni and I noticed Jonathan had fallen asleep.

We had all been working really hard that day researching recreational activity opportunities for the April 2015 Ballroom Beach Bash, (photos showing the extensive research will go up on the blog), so it was understandable he would be exhausted.

Since it was so pleasant on the beach that evening Toni and I decided to let him enjoy his well earned rest and started walking back up to our Hilton Resort and Spa Bayside room overlooking the water.

You may have noticed that I am not wearing shoes in the photo (really, who does wear shoes at the beach?). Well walking without my shoes on I was surprised by how wonderfully soft the grass felt and decided to lie down to take a look at what species it was (it was fairly dark so I had to get close up)

I identified the grass to be a drought resistant seed (quite common in San Diego where we don’t experience the same freezing winter snowfall and wet weather that you do in the Middle and the East of the USA). It was so soft to the touch and so comfortable that, with the gentle warm sea breeze ruffling my hair, and also being tired from the day’s endeavors, I decided to mirror Jonathan and take a nap.

Toni was walking ahead of me up the slope heading towards the patio of our Bay side hotel room when she turned around and noticed me lying on the grass. Thinking it looked delightful, she promptly lay down (some might say nose dived) and joined in the slumber party.

We were awakened in the morning by the footsteps of a runner and the click of a camera. Feeling refreshed and full of zest we jumped up and jogged a couple of times around the Bay and then stopped back at the Hilton Resort and Spa’s  Acqua casual waterfront dining restaurant for breakfast.

So having cleared that up and saved viewers from the embarrassment of getting completely the wrong impression, here’s hoping you all had as marvelous a New Years Eve as we did and made it back to your rooms safely (i.e. without freezing). Looking forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego April 9-11th 2015!