Competition Organizing 101 – Video Marketing.

Competition Organizing 101 – Video Marketing.

Strategy 1 – Get endorsements from Other Organizers 

Plan Concept:  Get interviews with some of our good friends who are also organizers. They will be sympathetic to our position as newcomers to the game, and will be happy to help us promote our event.

Interview with: – Eddie Simon – Organizer of the New York Dance Festival, February

Interview with: – John De Palma – Organizer of Capital Dancesport Championships, August

Interview with: – Sam Sodano – Organizer of Ohio Star Ball, November, and co-organizer of many other events too numerous to mention.

Post Strategy Evaluation:  The first two videos we evaluated as being of indeterminate promotional value for BBB (but actually looking pretty good for NYDF and Capital Dancesport) and the shoot was more expensive than expected (due largely to the surgery required to remove the pair of knives we found sticking out of Jonathan’s back). But on the plus side, what a surprise that Sam would feel so threatened by our event !!! one that we haven’t even run yet !!! We took it as a sign we were doing/ going to do something right.


Strategy 2 – Take control of the interview content

Plan Concept:   Obtain an off the cuff, unscripted, from the heart, interview with an influential yet impartial dancesport participant on the joys of attending the Ballroom Beach Bash event (that will take place in April 2015).

Interview with: – Eddie Apolonov – Member of the Fred Astaire National Dance Board and Regional Dance Director for the Wisconsin Region.

Post Strategy Evaluation:  Language difficulties and strong accents can be such a barrier to understanding, always clearly establish the method of payment before conducting an unscripted, unpaid endorsement (and tighten up on the camera work).

Post Post Strategy Evaluation:  It looks like we might need to further refine our video marketing Strategies. Stay tuned to –



Post strategy Evaluation: Make sure to get Jonathan to repeat interview topic, Ballroom Beach Bash, at least 7 times before taping starts. (Go ahead, practice that now…. ballroom Breach Bash, Ballroom Beach Hash, Ballroom Bich Bash, Ballroom Beach Bash, you got it! well done Jonathoon!)